Welcoming All English Speaking Players to Pandaemonium ULTIMA <HKT>
ULTIMA <HKT> are english/indonesian speaking FC with players from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. With experiences playing MMOs such as WoW, Diablo etc

Usual peak hours: 6PM - 1AM (Jakarta Time)

- WP speed run (tome farming)
- Primal farm (just help out guildies who still need)
- Relic Reborn quest help (chimera/hydra) for those alt-job-class who still need relics
- Organizing for Bahamut
- leveling and simply socializing and poking fun at each other

What we look for:
- intelligent guildies,
- with good awareness,
- experience in MMOs a plus not a must
- and around 1-3 hours of your time each day.

If want to contact us in-game, usually online between 6PM-1AM (Jakarta time):
Ramza Fury - Founder (speak Bahasa Indonesia/English)
Cross Rhodes - Officer
Bastian Schwensteiger - Officer
Maria Yosepthine - Officer
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